About Us

Freedom Day 2012 marked Durban becoming the home to an upbeat and vibrant clothing store called Swag – His & Hers. Swag, an acronym for “Sexy With A Little Gangster” as envisioned by the owners.

With a girly glam look and men’s hip-hop fashion, Swag His & Hers boasts to be the first store that caters for both ladies and men of different yet complimenting styles. From dresses, t-shirts, jeans and all types of accessories and shoes to add edge to your appearance, Swag’s main aim is to affordably dress the community with the very best of international pizzazz.

Found at the Montford Shopping Centre in Chatsworth and Berea Centre in Morningside, Swag is stylishly designed with every small detail kissed to perfection. The music adds a “chill-out” vibe for the venues visitors.

The clothing is neatly and spaciously displayed, the caps and accessories are easily accessible and to ones excitement, most pairs of heels have a matching bag. At Swag, you can switch your style, go a bit overboard and brighten up your life with clothing at its very best quality.


For him, Swag is a borderless, global lifestyle. Swag offers apparel for a wide range of customers, inspired by an urban, ghetto aesthetic rooted in young men’s clothing. Visit one of our stores or online to view our authentic gear mix.

Our range for HIM can be described as “Ghetto Fabulous”.



For her,  our gear is sexy yet practical. The designs combine hip-hop influences juxtaposed with ultrafeminine flourishes thus giving Swag a street edge.

Our range for HER can be described as "Where the sidewalk and catwalk meet".

Live a little for tomorrow leaps the unknown.